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The most popular use is to put in Tom yum soup to add a little spicy flavour. Chilli in oil can also be added in Tom Ka soup.

It can be really quick and simple to cook with chilli in oil. You can mix any kind of meat with Chilli in oil in a pan, add vegetable (onion or spring onion) and eat with plain rice. Seafood such as Crab or clams is delicious when mixed with the paste.

Fried Rice (Kao Pad Nam Prig Pao): Mix onion, chicken or peeled prawn with chilli in oil in medium heat until cooked. Add plain rice and spring onion and mix over low heat.

Sometimes Chilli in oil is used in Thai meat salad, it gives you a little extra spicy taste. It can be a substitute for fresh chilli if you prefer your Thai salad not too spicy.

Use as much or as little as you like, put a little bit first then taste it. You can always add more.