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Celebrating 60 Years of Nittaya Thai Curry

As we get ready to celebrate our 60th anniversary, the journey, from a humble market stall in Nonthaburi to being the choice of top chefs in elite restaurants across the nation, is one of passion, commitment, and unparalleled quality.

A Timeless Taste of Thailand

Nittaya Thai Curry paste has long been a staple for discerning chefs across the country. Many vouch for the fact that its flavour is reminiscent of curry paste made from scratch in a Thai grandmother’s kitchen. It’s no surprise then that the brand has thrived solely on word-of-mouth recommendations rather than advertising.

The secret? An unwavering commitment to quality. All ingredients are sourced from local farmers wherever possible. By adhering strictly to this approach, Nittaya Thai Curry guarantees a product worth its premium price tag. Our factory has been a beacon of consistency, still using the same cherished recipe from 60 years ago, but with an enhanced focus on food safety to meet contemporary standards.

Notably, our ties with local farmers aren’t just about quality assurance. In an era where food safety is paramount, our rigorous testing ensures our products meet the strictest international standards, offering a curry paste free from preservatives, artificial colours, and harmful chemicals.

Nittaya Thai Curry fresh ingredient

From Humble Beginnings to Culinary Excellence

The story of Nittaya Thai Curry began with Ms. Nittaya and her brother in their kitchen six decades ago. Believing in the exceptional taste of their homemade curry paste, they set up a stall at Nonthaburi Market. This was met with an enthusiastic response from local market goers, and soon the siblings’ dedication led them to the busy Banglamphu area of Bangkok, where Ms. Nittaya’s shop remains an iconic presence today.

The big break came when Nittaya Thai Curry was honoured with the prestigious Shell Shuan Shim Award by the notable culinary expert and food critic M.R. Thanadsri Sawasdiwat. In an era predating social media influencers and food bloggers, this recognition played a pivotal role in putting Nittaya Thai Curry on the Thai culinary map.

Nittaya Thai curry at Anuga Cologne Germany

A Legacy Continued

Even today, the brand remains a 100% family-owned enterprise. Ms. Nittaya, though actively involved, now champions causes close to her heart. By hosting events and redirecting proceeds to Thai cooking schools, she’s preserving the history of Thai cuisine. Meanwhile, the future generations of her family manage daily operations, ensuring Nittaya’s authentic curry paste continues to grace the kitchens of 5-star hotels, restaurants and airlines, as well as Thai family kitchens across the country.
The Story of Nittaya Thai Curry

Crafting the Future

With six decades behind us, we envision a future where we remain true to our roots. The emphasis isn’t on competing with prices, but on selling a story – a legacy of Thai culinary tradition. As Ms. Nittaya herself puts it, when people decide to make curry, it should be special.
So why not invest a little more for an experience that’s truly authentic?

As we toast to 60 years of Nittaya Thai Curry, it’s evident that it is more than just a brand; it’s a testament to the love, dedication, and authenticity that goes into crafting every package of our celebrated curry paste.